CampProfi is an indefinite scouting program designed primarily for players from African countries. It can be accepted if there are personal requests from countries in Asia and Latin America, and representations can be opened in those countries as well.

Registration for CampProfi is individual. Each player sends information about himself in the form of a questionnaire from the registration section of the official website. After registration, your registration number will be displayed in the notification message.

Young people aged 18-26 (born in 1995-2003) can take part in the CampProfi project. Those whose births are not recorded correctly or who are under 18 or over 26 will be deleted.

In the CampProfi project, each young player can open only one registration. Re-registration is prohibited and these registrations are deleted.

After registration, an official invitation to Turkey is prepared for the player. Invitations are sent to both the player and the relevant Turkey consulate, which provides visa services for the player’s citizenship.

Note: Our agency has officially introduced itself and its field of activity by applying to the embassies and consulates of the Republic of Turkey in all African countries. If you have a biography that does not contradict the legislation of the Republic of Turkey on the provision of visas to foreign citizens, you will not have difficulty obtaining a visa.

After receiving the invitation, you can consult with our representative from the country of citizenship or operating in that country about the details and date of the visit. You need to make an appropriate decision, reserve a ticket and apply to the relevant consulate with the booking document.

The players pay for their visas and travel expenses (plane tickets).

The players’ camp centers are located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Young players are offered camping period:

1 Month Package

  • The players undergo a 30-day training process from the day they are placed in the camp center
  • They are provided with meal 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, evening)
  • They train once a day under the guidance of professional coaches
  • 4 test matches are held during the camp
  • Return from the airport to the hotel, training ground, playground and hotel – all types of transport are provided
  • Training clothes are provided.

Payment Terms

CampProfi provides paid services to young players.

All costs are paid by the players until the quality and potential of the players are clear to our scout team and they are recognized.

The money paid by the organizers is spent on your camping expenses, accommodation and meals.

The price of a 2-week camp package is 800 USD.

The first part of the payment, 130 USD, must be paid through a Bank. The remaining amount is paid at the Ukrainian office before the start of the camp.

The cost of a 1-month camp package is 1,500USD.

The first part of the payment, 130 USD, must be paid through a Bank. The remaining amount is paid at the Istanbul office before the start of the camp.

Amounts paid at the time of CampProfi registration and in the second stage can be refunded only in cases of Force Major.

Cases of force majeure for the CampProfi project

• Natural disasters, wars, pandemics and other periods that violate the standard activities of states, restricting air travel and travel conditions between the parties for more than 3 months.

Important Note: No representative, person or other entity on behalf of CampProfi has the right to demand payment of fees, charges, penalties or any other purpose. We do not accept cash or intermediary payments from any player outside the Republic of Turkey. The first part of the payment must be made through the bank to the account details indicated on the official website, as well as in the email sent to you after registration. The rest of the payment is accepted only in the Istanbul office and in return you will receive an official receipt. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you do not pay to any person or entity through a third-party payment, and we would like to inform you that the CampProfi organizers are not responsible for such cases at all.

Ticket costs for the players to come to Turkey and leave Turkey based on the results of the camp period belong to themselves.

Players who are unable to attend the designated camp for one reason or another must notify the organizers without booking a ticket or contacting the embassy. In this case, their registration is kept active and the trip is postponed.

A letter of explanation is required from players who refuse to come to the camp after applying to the embassy or obtaining a visa. The explanation is reviewed by the CampProfi disciplinary team, and if the accepted (understood) reasons are not found, the player is blacklisted and the consulate and relevant agencies of the Republic of Turkey are informed about it.

The law enforcement agencies and the migration service of the Republic of Turkey are informed about the players who travel to Turkey on a visa at the invitation of CampProfi and do not participate in the camp. This will be revealed and they will be deported from the country.

Contracts are signed with players who have shown themselves well during the camp and whose football qualities are appreciated.